Ellesse Inspired Photoshoot – 18th May

Coming in on a Saturday was difficult to start with, this is because I work late night shifts over the weekend for my part-time work. However, I got up at 7 am and got into uni with my model (Lucas Pacary, who is signed to contact Model Agency and an assistant at Pause Magazine). I was proud of myself for getting up and pushing myself to work on the shoot all day before going back to work that evening. 

We initially had a dilemma with lighting. It’s laughable looking back now but did stress me out at the time. Due to CLR (central loan resources) being closed at university on a Saturday, it meant that we did not have enough good lighting for portrait shots. We had rented out some led coloured lights which I just LOVE and think help to make anything look sexy and artistic. Bright white backing lights were needed in order to get the best quality photos. So, after some quick improvisation and asking people we knew in the other degrees for help. We managed to get some lighting through a friend of Janes. 

Waiting for the lighting to come took a couple of hours, and although we had the room booked from 9 am till 6 pm. I began to get frustrated with my peers as we had wasted two hours not taking any photos yet. I started to work on some still life photos before we had the right lighting just to calm my anxiety about not getting enough done really. Whether these will be used is unlikely. 

The experience for me was new and exciting. I found it very fun working creatively with others, I also found it frustrating too. Keiran, our group leader, has an amazing eye for photography and I very much have faith in her creative talent. However, I had to adapt myself a little being the control freak that I am and it was a learning curve for me to take a back seat and let all the final decisions be made by someone else. 

Finding that everything was quite under control with the main shoot I felt wasted by just sitting in the sidelines watching. So, for this reason, I suggested to Kieran that I and a few others that didn’t have much to do tried to work on some still life shots at the same time, in order to produce more content in the time we had. 

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