Notes On A Nervous Planet – Matt Haig

“The paradox of modern life is this: we have never been more connected, and we have never been more alone.”

Matt Haig

This book helped me kick- start my soul again. I read it when coming out of a very low point, and this book gave me a perspective that I hadn’t noticed before. I recommend everyone reads this book, It helps us to understand why in this post-industrial society we are so delicate and stressed. Understanding the effects of the outside world can help us detach from within it, and see everything through a fresh set of eyes.

As a sequel to his first best-seller ‘Reasons To Stay Alive’ Matt does a brilliant job of keeping up the life-changing content. Through thinking about the effects of technology, architecture, transport, politics and evolution; I was able to see clearly how we are already born into this world stressed. How this planet is so overly advanced that our brains and bodies simply can’t always keep up.

In today’s age, we are expected to follow a capitalist chain, consuming and consuming in order for the economy to profit. That isn’t where we will find happiness, even if you achieve all the steps you might not take a second to enjoy where you are and who you are until its too late. Our society thrives on future thinking, on always trying to get more and more, whether its more followers, more friends, more money… it’s all temporary anyway. Think about the last time you bought yourself something nice, it could have cost you a lot of money but it doesn’t mean you were happier about it for longer? You just got used to it and then wanted to buy something else. This temporary content is how most of us live our lives now.

In my opinion, we are expected to do as such and maintain future-thinking throughout; go to a nursery and worry about getting into a good primary school, go to a primary school and take SATs to get into a good secondary, go to a secondary and take GSCEs to get into a good college or sixth form, Take A levels or Diplomas to get into a good University or apprenticeship, Worry about doing well in that to get a good career, get a career and worry about a promotion, get a promotion and still save your money to buy property, buy some property and worry about finding someone to share it with, then have children, move to the countryside because the city has inevitably driven you mad and then retire. Once you retire you may then start living your life purely for your own joy, however with 50/60 years of constant stress behind you, chances are you won’t be alive very long to do that.

I realise this is a bleak way of looking at today’s world but I’m not wrong either. My point is enjoy every part of it for yourself and for the present – not for the next consumption. Learn because you enjoy learning, work because you enjoy working, put your perspective into one that doesn’t know what will happen next but is enjoying being here right now, if you got hit by a bus tomorrow would you have spent your last few days worrying about deadlines, social issues, or anything that wouldn’t matter 5 years from now? – well then stop. Be happy.

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