RA Summer Exhibition

I am excited every year to visit the Royal Acadamy of Arts for the annual Summer Exhibition, I love the explosion of colour, culture and different media.

This years theme represented a lot of present issues in today’s society. I love the view through the publics eyes. The summer exhibition is a collective of hundreds of pieces of work from various members of the public artists in the UK.

Points of conversation were Climate change, Politics, Gender / Sexuality and personal stories from the artists. The room of climate change-related artwork had a somewhat bleak atmosphere to it. A mixture of blue, grey, white and black colour tones emphasised the depressive emotion tied to our ever-rising sea levels. I found one sculpture within this room particularly eyecatching, A tiger made entirely out of ‘M&S Teacake’ wrappers. This caught my eye not only with the reflective surface and bold shapes but also took me back to my childhood when I used to eat a teacake every day from my packed lunch. This helped me to personally connect with the statement made by this piece, representing how food packaging is effecting our fellow inhabitants on the planet.

Here are some of my favourite works and why;

This very small statue resonated with me and my partner with whom I attended the exhibition. This non-gender specific piece looked a lot like my partner and I found it beautiful. I loved the boldness of this character being so young and small, made from what seemed to be a delicate material that could easily smash into a thousand pieces, there was certainly something metaphoric about that.

This painting stood out to me amongst the others because of the unique shapes and colour. I found it gorgeous and loved the way the body was portrayed. It inspired me, much like most of the works, to pick up a paintbrush and start creating paintings again.

This piece of work reminded me of a ‘wear’s Wallie?’ graphic. I found it very humorous and a great explanation of human society today, all of the observed obsessions we have, from sexual fetishes to football fans. The detail in this piece of work was immaculate and generated a large number of people to crowd around and spectate, the longer you looked at the artwork, the more you discovered.

I enjoyed the sentiment behind this graphic, I think using the narrative of a young child brought forward the idea that art can be as simple as a pattern, rhythm, shape. This inspired me.

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