Tracey Emin Exhibition

I was very excited to attend the Tracey Emin exhibition last week. I was also thrilled to hear that it was free, Tracey Emin is one of my all-time favourite modern artists and in my opinion, one you the best of the YBA’s. I resonate with her fine art a lot as it has such a raw depiction of the emotions of being a modern woman. Her creative confidence astounds me and inspires me to push myself into my creative work and make it so much more personal and attached to who I am as a person.

Her brutally honest and somewhat depressing exhibition absolutely blew me away. It is such a strong representation of the female struggle and is a very feminist statement in today’s world. Her exhibition presented her struggle through abortion in the late 90s, her mothers passing and her own personal heartbreak after a relationship ended.

There was an opportunity to watch a short documentary she wrote about her struggles when having an abortion. This literally brought me to tears. I, fortunately, have never had to experience something like that before, but I have to accept as a young woman that one day, I might. After seeing this I feel I have a real understanding of the painful procedure and decision making, one that I have not ever really thought about before. It brings me great passion about helping out my sisters in this world and helping those who live in parts of the world where, upsettingly, woman aren’t allowed to make these choices on their own accord.

Emin’s way of painting is one I find extremely beautiful and is something that I have drawn inspiration from over the years for my own illustration. I love the use of soft colours throughout, contrasting with bold strokes of dark paint in some of those more emotional paintings. I find her depiction of the human form similar to that of the Egon Schiele, by being more exaggerated and honest about what our bodies look like, rather than copying centuries of art that present a depiction of a woman, lying naked and perfect looking, surprisingly clean-shaven, often with a rag of cloth alone in a wood.. like any right-minded woman would do that! A bit of a male gaze don’t you think?

Moving forward in my project I am going to try to put that same ‘fire’ and passion into my work that I believe Tracey Emin does so brilliantly.

Sometimes I have the most amazing moments of clarity. Razor sharp. At these times I can see how fucking stupid I am.

Tracey Emin