My Photoshoot For Ellese via PXL Agency

On Thursday I decided to curate a photo shoot alone in order to get some much-needed content out to the website team, in order to be on the Instagram and website. I originally wanted to curate a photoshoot that was inspired by the brilliant tennis clothing Ellesse has made. Here is the mood board for that, I had booked a tennis court also in a park near where I live.

I really like this concept so now that the sun is shining I may try to do this shoot another time.

Unfortunately, the weather was against me. Also after a group discussion about our campaign and overall shared ideas for the class production of content. We decided to stick to just one solid theme, in order to make it more consistent and understandable for our consumers. The theme being self-care and having the main focus of a yoga shoot. This meant I ought to change up my photoshoot. This is the second mood board I created.

I chose to work with my friend and model Rhea Parsons Daley. This is not only because I know that she is photogenic, but also her mum is a yoga therapist, so I expected her to know a few things that would help me out – I was wrong. I also felt she was a good model due to her large online following, knowing that she would promote PXL and my work to her 11,500 followers via Instagram.

I no longer had a location to shoot so, therefore, had to create an alternative option. I searched up any abandoned warehouses around my area and thought these would be good rustic places in which to shoot. Due to the heavy wet weather on the day, I decided I would just try to create a studio of my own at home. I found all the bedsheets, lights, cameras, props and ducktape I could then I got to work.

I blacked out all of my kitchen windows using a card, black pillowcases and blankets. I then created my own coloured lights using acetate, coloured pens and bright spotlights. This was an extreme fire hazard I won’t lie, but I managed to shoot with no fires. I found a large piece of gorgeous organic cotton, my dad had used it previously to protect space when he was painting. This meant that it had interesting paint splatters upon it which I thought would add texture and depth to the shoot. I hung this using bamboo sticks, clothing pegs and PURE HOPE.

When the model finally arrived after being a few hours late, which is rather a normal industry problem anyway. I decided to show her the different shoots, poses and styles I had planned. She wasn’t as flexible as I would have liked and to be honest the shoot really didn’t go as well as I had hoped it would. However, I am proud that I was the first in the class to create any new fashion related content for PXL Agency and felt it taught me some valuable lessons for the main shoot we have planned on Saturday.

I have contacted the Branding team swell ad the Website and PR team to edit and add some awesome graphics to my photos. I’m hoping this will amp up the images.

Here are some of my favourite photos from the shoot:

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